Saturday, November 24, 2007

One Regime Change Down, One To Go

I've been deeply involved in high-temp PEM for the last week, but outside of another sale (and another press release) by FuelCell Energy of three of the apparently old technology DFC 300 units (described as 250 kW rather than the newer 300 kW - maybe FCE is concentrating the newer stacks into the 1.2 MW configuration and shipping what they have to fuel cell friendly Korea).

But the real big news came overnight from Australia, and it's not the CE certification that CFCL's NextGen mCHP system has received to facilitate EU marketing, should it finally come up with a deliverable system. We finally achieved the much-needed regime change at one of the only two major nations not to sign on to Kyoto: three cheers for Australia voting to oust anti-Kyoto John Howard form office.

The new prime minister will be pro-environment labor party leader Kevin Rudd. He has stated that his first order of business will be to ratify Kyoto.

So maybe now, CFCL will return to its homeland and start making plans for commercialization there in addition to Kyoto-friendly Europe.

Which country will be next?

Back to that left-over turkey (not one of the new influx of wild turkeys sporadically roaming the suburbs as well as the backwoods of New Englan) and cranberry sauce (homemade from local cape Cod cranberries) sandwich.


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