Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fuel Cell News News

In checking the dialy fuel cell news on the incredibly reliable and consistant web site of 'Fuel Cell Works' last Tuesday, there was an item about technology innovator and micro FC developer Manhattan Scientifics naming a new CEO.What with the Ballard activity, etc., it took me a while to discover it was Fuel Cell Works own father, the inimatable Manny T. (the CEO of MS will be Emmanuel Tsoupanarias). I was in a panic at first, having come to rely on his Sunday night emails, as well as the comprehensive posting of every item fuel cell from sources around the world, perfectly vetted - yes, quite a bit more human than Google or any other automatons.

But he reasured me that FCW will continue, and noted at the end of tonight's weekly summary that he will even continue with the roll out of a newly updated web design (perhaps in an attempt to keep up with Dr. Kerry-Ann's 'Urban Landscape' themed Fuel Cell Today format, rolled out at the Grove conference in September).

Once again, more indicators that the industry continues to advance in multiple dimensions.

Best of luck to thee, Manny T.

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