Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hydra boasts too many kWs, not heads

A quick note on the first commercial residential mCHP fuel cell installation in this country by Oregon-based Hydra Fuel Cell. Frank Neukomm (the holding company's CEO) told me last spring when Hydra made the initial announcement that the 8 kW configuration was what they had working, so that's what the luxury villa on the gulf would get. And using the same model as Stephen Voller's luxury yacht, $25,000, 1 kW APU, application, it's all about keeping the beer cold, dummy! Who cares how much you paid for your domicile if you don't have the power for your fridge!

By the way, they don't have to join the USFCC despite the benefits they receive from the hard-working group who provides so much promotion for industry in the US, but it would be nice if companies like Hydra and California's Altergy showed up at at least one of the too many industry conferences, just to prove they're one of us.

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