Sunday, November 4, 2007

International Rumor Mill

After Ballard gave its vague response to the unspecified rumor, I decided it might be good to find out what the rumor was. Admittedly, it was me in Vancouver last spring who introduced the concept of Plug Power purchasing all Canadian fuel cell companies, but neither Hydrogenics nor Ballard issued denials then. This time, it seems that Daimler and/or Ford (not those in Norway) are jealous of the success enjoyed by GM with its own fuel cell development team (billions and billions....) and may have outbid Plug (kidding here!) for those funky automotive assets.

Of course Ballard will still be providing that wonderful 1020ACS for reverse (backup!) while the automakers have to struggle themselves with the fuel cells for the forward gears.

Probably more on this by tomorrow night.

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